Lucy P. Dickinson has been active in the field of multi-genre creativity for thirty years.  She is the founder of Sing From the Heart Voice Teaching and the inventor of the genre Musepoetography.  She is a published poet, photographer and writer and has been a singer/songwriter since the age of 16.  Her creative background includes children’s musical director, comedy improv featured performer, performance artist, steel drum band member, fog machine operator, church soloist/music/choir director and camp counselor. She loves assisting people in finding peace, joy and happiness through their natural authentic creative expression.  Lucy divides her time between the Pacific Northwest, Eastern Washington and Southern California, currently residing along the beautiful shores of Lake Chelan in Washington State. 

Performer Bio:

“Multi-genre creative artist Lucy P. Dickinson shares her unusual gift of seeing and sharing the hidden beauty in life that others often miss—through uplifting original songs in the folk/singer-songwriter genre, healing and humorous narrative poems, and luminous landscape and portrait photography presented via photo light stream projections.  The common voice in her work is an energy of healing light and sound that connects listeners and viewers to a deeper level of multi-dimensional awareness.  Themes of mystical love, spiritual awakening, healing, recovery, humor, and seeing what is commonly unseen travel across her lyrics, poetry and visual imagery.  Nature is a central theme in her work—both the natural beauty of the North American West Coast which she photographs extensively, as well as the essential nature of human beings, caught in moments full of joy, vulnerability, creativity and authentic expression.  Her singing voice resonates with the energy of the Sound Current* and expresses a sonorous, rich, comforting, clear and healing tone.  Lucy’s performances evoke a field of creative resonance that empowers audience participant/co-creators to connect with their own creativity, healing awareness and authentic empowerment.”

*Sound Current: Described in many spiritual traditions as a mystical transformational field of energy that emanates from all aspects of creation.