Lucy P Dickinson: Musepoetographer

Singing Classes

Sing From the Heart Classes on Zoom:

  • Sing From the Heart: Beginning Singing Class  This class is designed for anyone and everyone who loves to sing, wishes they “could” sing,  thinks they “can’t” sing, and is looking for support to free their inner singer! In a supporting, nurturing, safe space, participants learn basic fundamentals of healthy singing, breath support, and pitch-matching techniques to help make singing a more fun, enjoyable and empowering experience! Yes you CAN sing! 
  • Sing From the Heart: Find Your Inner Song  Learn to listen at a deeper level for greater harmonious sound production and a richer, more substantial resonance.  We will explore the ways to increase and enhance your authentic natural sound, by using easy to learn vocal techniques and combining them with greater awareness of our own natural vocal vibration signature.  Discover ways to listen within at a new level and apply this awareness to your singing.  Each person has a unique, authentic natural voice which through experiences of life they may be actualized to a greater or lesser degree.  In a safe and supportive environment, rediscover that natural sound that comes when you are relaxed, set up for healthy vocal production and listening at a deep level.  
  • Singing the Ani-Hu and Beyond: Tuning in With Each Other  This 2 1/2-hour class assists participants in bringing their listening skills to an even deeper level when chanting the sacred tone Ani-Hu (from sanskrit, approximately meaning empathy with God or empathy with unconditional love).  Learn easy, gentle, effective techniques to bring your out-loud chanting into greater loving harmony!  Remember how to listen inside *and* outside.  It has been said that chanting the Ani-Hu is a way to come into greater harmony together in a group.  To speak plainly, sometimes that doesn’t always happen, like those times your group is chanting and you secretly peek and look around and see people grimacing and holding their hands up to their ears–or when your facilitator says, “Okay, let’s try that one again!”  This class is a fun gentle way to come into greater loving cooperation with yourself and others through improved listening and vocal resonance.  

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