Lucy P Dickinson: Musepoetographer

LPD Creativity Consulting- Individual Sessions

In addition to classes, speaking engagements and workshops we take a select number of clients each month who wish to move dynamically forward in their creative expression.

What you can expect to experience in 1 to 1 Individual Creativity Consulting:

-CONNECT to your authentic purpose

-ACCESS hidden creativity

-EXPERIENCE the joy of natural creativity

-RELEASE blocks to full creative expression

-FORGIVE AND LET GO of old limitations

-EXPLORE your natural wisdom

-EXPRESS yourself in a safe, supportive environment

-GAIN SUPPORT for your ongoing creative projects

-MOVE FORWARD powerfully in the direction of your dreams

-ALLOW your own inner wisdom to guide you to your next steps

-ENJOY the process of self-discovery!

Other benefits to this work often include:  Greater energy and sense of aliveness, enhanced well being, improved relationships, greater life clarity,  reduction of anxiety, enhanced sense of connection to self and others, greater tendency to laugh, more happiness, enhanced self-esteem, improved sense of humor and enhanced self-awareness!

To contact us for more information or to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation,  contact us at musepoetographer @

For information on our creativity Classes and Workshops,  click here.

Thank you for your interest in LPD Creativity Consulting!